Kudana Marimba was founded in the mid 1980s by our band leader, Ong Kar Walen.  He built many of the instruments that we still play today.  He taught and encouraged members of all ages to embrace the African tradition of vibrant Marimba music.  Many of our band members today have been with the band for decades, often playing side by side with family members and always with friends.  Kudana is a family of musicians that perpetuates positivity through their message, Love Begets Love.

With the passing of our founder and band leader, Ong Kar, in 2016, we embark on a new chapter of live performances.  One that will be ever changed, but authentic to the core of our inspired sound.    

Throughout the life of Kudana, we have been lucky to play with many talented musicians. Here is a history of Kudana in photos. We hope you enjoy.