Kudana means to love one another in the Shona language of Zimbabwe. This describes the essence of Kudana Marimba:

to unite people with the heart and spirit of the whole planet

Using seven marimbas, singing, drums, and percussion, our group invites enthusiastic participation in joyful dance!

The melodic, spiritual music of Zimbabwe, first brought to the U.S. by Dumisani Maraire, inspired band founder Ong Kar Walen to form Kudana in 1987. Our energetic, visually engaging performances of traditional and original songs create an uplifting experience.

Kudana continues to excite audiences of all ages throughout the Pacific Northwest, appearing at the Oregon Country Fair, Saturday Market, ZimFest and many other events.

We are also available for private parties, and can offer a set of traditional Zimbabwean mbira music as part of our performances.

“We are on a mission to create positivity in this world that allows people the possibility to be uplifted and feel good, with their hearts full of love. It’s not just about dancing and pretty melodies, but is more about changing the world through positivity. All of our songs are to be uplifting – not about war or poverty but about hope and love.” – Ong Kar Walen