It is more than an annual tradition to catch Kudana live on the Eugene Saturday Market Stage on Mother’s Day Weekend.  It is an opportunity to celebrate with our community the beginning of the summer concert season, our mothers, and the greater Mother in the Goddess.  Rooted in Zimbabwean tradition, Kudana brings the love of African music and Dance to this vibrant performance.  Undeniably, one of our favorite gigs of the season.  

With that said this will be Kudana’s first performance since the passing of our founder, Ong Kar Walen last August.  With pride and high hopes for the future, Kudana will bring the energy and sound that would make Ong Kar want to sing and dance.   And what better place to embody Kudana’s essential message, to Love One Another, then on the Eugene Saturday Market Stage.  

Love Begits Love.


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